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Job-Based Assessments

If the job could talk, it would clearly define the knowledge, experience, skills, behaviors and intrinsic rewards required for superior performance. Our Job Modeling approach benchmarks a specific job, not the person, in an interactive process used for development, selection, retention or management. Report includes key accountabilities specific to the job and candidates can be assessed and measured against the job with a Gap Analysis.

 Job Benchmarking - Matching Top Talent for Top Performance

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 In today’s highly competitive marketplace, attracting, hiring, developing and retaining top talent is a growing priority for successful organizations. Industry leaders realize the need to go beyond the traditional resume, interview and yearly review process; instead, they opt to use accurate, bias-free assessments to examine individual performance, such as the TriMetrix® HD.

TriMetrix™ HD is the ultimate in a Talent Intelligence System which is based on a unique, 55-factor analysis that examines the Behaviors that a person bring to the job, the Motivators that drive them, whether or not they possess the Acumen to do the job, and their potential to provide the Competencies required by the job.

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(TriMetrix® HD Dimensions)

Job Benchmarking Benefits

  • Attract the best candidates
  • Pre-Select the right candidate for the right position
  • Save Time & Money by:
  • Hiring right the first time
  • Reduce the learning curve with candidates who get it and takes off fast!
  • Reduced interiewing and travel costs

Job Benchmarking

Let the Job Talk to Create a Solid Job Match for Selection & Development

Our Job Benchmarking process is an objective process where we allow the job to speak. In other words, we listen to the key accountabilities necessary to have superior performance from the job. Unlike, some job matching systems, we focus on the job and the characteristics it needs to be successful, rather than benchmarking people in that job. This raises that bar and sets the standard needed to achieve superior performance matching.

Why Benchmark a Job?

Bad Hiring Statistics

  • Turnover: The cost of wrong hire is staggering. Industry experts estimate the cost of replacing an exempt employee ("exempt" from wage and hourly regulations) at 1X - 1.5X the employee's salary plus benefits. For an executive, the cost increases to 3X - 5X the executive's salary plus benefits.

The loss of three $32,000 a year employees, for instance, could easily add up to $144,000 or more in replacement costs. And yet, candidates at this level are seldom given the kind of thorough assessment that is necessary. The cost of employee turnover is a reality you can't afford to ignore.

  • Disengagement: A recent Gallup study found that over 70% of employees are not engaged. That means businesses are operating at significantly less than full capacity – a loss that could be costing you millions of dollars a year. We can help you keep your employees motivated, engaged and working for YOU!

Our proven and effective solutions for retention include: The Tri-Metrix HD report combined with a Say It! Communications Certified Professional TriMetrix Analyst, you can predict success of your potential new hires consistently and coach for superior performance.

How Much Money Can Job Benchmarking Save?

To help you gain a perspective on how much money you can save your company by hiring the right people from the start, we have created a few estimations of the cost of a "Wrong Hire". By matching the candidate to the job through our Job Benchmarking System, you can hire the right person for the job the first time, which offers a number of savings to your company. Click here to see your estimated savings.

What Is In A Benchmark?

When we benchmark a position for you we discover the characteristics required to be the very best at that particular position. The characteristics we focus on are the behaviors, workplace motivators and the "soft skills" necessary to be successful on that particular job. These are crafted into a set of key accountabilities for the job position. This provides the catalyst to create a template by which a person can be measured.

We examine more than just if a person communicates or interviews well. We consider more than just if the person can type 65 words a minute or has some specific technical skill. We move beyond "hard skills" alone and measure "soft skills", because they can have signifiant impact on a persons success.

The job benchmarking process can be done very efficiently depending on the the level of cooperation within the organization and how many jobs are being benchmarked.

Why Not Benchmark Just Your Top People?

It is important to develop a customized job benchmark for your specific companies position, rather than take a "cookie cutter" job benchmark from another organization. The is because every company is different. In fact many departments within the same company can be very different. We strongly recommend developing a specific benchmark that most closely aligns with your organization and its needs.

If you recall, our job benchmarking system is different from other processes on the market because it aligns people to the competencies necessary to successfully do the job, rather than comparing to the top people within the job.

This is a significant difference between the potential level of succes of our patented job benchmarking system, and others.

Why does this matter? First, when you only benchmark the top people within the position, you are assuming you already have the very best people on the job. Although you may have some very good people already performing in that job, it is unlikely they are perfect.

Second, there are times when you may not have enough top performers currently in that position to effectively develop a reliable benchmark. To have a statistically reliable and valid benchmark, you need at a minimum 30 people to participate in the benchmarking. This can be challenging for smaller businesses that do not have the very large workforces to benchmark with this method.

What's Our Approach to Job Benchmarking?

We work closely and directly with your organization every step of the way. We can do the benchmark on location or save you money via a our convenient webinar technology.

We have 3 approaches we can take depending on your organizations needs.

TriMetrix HD Talent Management System TriMetrix HD System

We use a multi-stage process where we work closely with a small team within your organization.

As a hiring tool, the TriMetrix™ HD System gets behind each candidate’s mask and identifies his or her true capacities to perform. This is far more than simply identifying behavior.

Although important, behavior is only part of a truly complete profile – you must measure more and measure it accurately. That’s exactly what the TriMetrix® HD System does and why our clients find that hiring someone without it doesn't make much sense — if they have such a tool, why not use it!

Here’s how the TriMetrix™ HD Job Assessment works: Click Here.

Performance DNA Talent Management System

The TTI Performance DNA™ system reveals the how, why and what of individual performance. This is accomplished through an assessment of the BEHAVIORS people bring to the job, the MOTIVATORS that motivate people to do a job, and PERSONAL SKILLS mastery.

As a job-benchmarking tool, the same three areas are used to measure the requirements of the job, providing a complete system to compare talent to the position and create the best job fit. The TTI Performance DNA™ system can identify, prioritize and calibrate performance criteria that will help you overcome today’s challenge.

To Learn More about The Performance DNA™ System

Download: Performance DNA PDF Flyer
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